Welcome to Anesthesia Me!

Welcome to Anesthesia Me–A blog about anesthesia and all anesthesia related news, tips, and fun facts. I am currently a senior SRNA (Student Registered Nurse Anesthetist) and spend my days immersed in the world of anesthesia. I am in the unique position as a learner where I am exposed to countless techniques, opinions, and time-tested advice. Although it can be confusing to hear so many opinions on the art of anesthesia, I consider myself extremely lucky to spend time learning from the top minds in the field.

I hope to use this blog to recount some of the most helpful words of wisdom, as well as fun experiences with the hopes of helping another anesthesia mind. As I continue my journey, I look forward to the experiences that lie ahead and to sharing those experieces with you.

Take a little Anesthesia Me with you every day!